Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jihads, Fatwas and Church Boards

The word terrorist has become entrenched in our vernacular since September 11, 2001. As the 'War on Terror' continues and we are still watching pictures from the Mumbai attacks I see similarity when many see only differences.

It is always interesting to me how Western Christians are horrified by the acts of religious radicals from the Middle East. I don't advocate violence for any reason, but I think it matters very little what we believe, if those beliefs cause us to isolate or mistreat others. Western Christians as a group, particularly conservative Christians as are many West Indians, have always used religious beliefs as a reason to do just that.

Christian families put pregnant daughters out on the street. Churches 'read out' and isolate members who fall short in public view. And many churches' treatment of homosexuals can only be considered persecution.

As with Islam and the Koran, any interpretation of Christianity and the Bible that advocates treating anyone as anything other than an equal member of the fold is perverse and inaccurate. Even if you believe any particular behavior is wrong, the litmus test is whether you believe that person is being treated differently from someone who lies. The Bible does say all sins should be considered the same.

The fact that radical Islamists blow up buildings does not mean they are any worse than judgmental, Bible-toting Christians; it just makes them more passionate.

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