Monday, January 12, 2009

Legalities vs good politics

It looks like Roland Burris, a former Illinois Attorney General, will actually get his seat in the United States Senate. By creating a spectacle, filing a lawsuit, and being persistent he will be President-elect Obama's replacement to represent the people of Illinois. He has shown that the law is on his side, but he has shown poor judgment and political shortsideness.

Another senate-hopeful from Illinois, Danny Davis, was approached by indicted Governor Rod Blagojevich about taking the vacant seat. He declined, citing concerns of about being able to gain the public's trust if appointed by the tainted governor. Smart move. Burris, who from many accounts has a solid political reputation and would be in contention for the seat anyway, has unnecessarily put himself on a uphill battle to prove he isn't on the take - or on the give. He starts in office under a skeptical public eye, before he has even had a chance to screw up. This man who ran as governor, with then-Senator Obama's backing and against Rod Blagojevich, has tainted his own name in his rush to secure the senate seat.

Mr. Burris has shown a lack of scruples by accepting the appointment and by forcing it down Senate Democrat's collective throat. He will have to run for that office in two years. He has already given his opponent a gift-wrapped, camera-ready line questioning his credibility. His eagerness to get into office means he will always be Blagojevich's pick.

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