Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lessons, plans and resolutions

I am not one for making the house spotless. In general yes, but not specifically for New Year's Day. I don't make sure to change the bed sheets or put out the garbage. I also eschew the cliched tradition of making and announcing resolutions. It could be that I'm too lazy to make promises I'm too afraid I wont keep; though I prefer to think of myself as just learning and adjusting all the time, not just on January 1.

2009 was certainly full of wonderful lessons. I learned from my friend Nicole that it can take years to become friends with someone, but it's usually worth the wait and usually right on time. Georgia, DeAnna and Nadia taught me that the best friendships can close the longest distances and make you feel surrounded and loved no matter where you are. I learned at the gym that I am physically capable of more than I had ever imagined. I learned from my children that my time is a valuable gift that I should never take for granted. I learned from my husband that I can do anything I set my mind to, because I am smart and capable and because he has my back. I also learned that troubles are no match for our resolve to get past them.

In 2010 those lessons will serve me well. I will cherish my friendships - old and new. I will push myself beyond my known physical limits. I will give my time liberally to my boys for as long as they want it - and maybe a little longer. I will work to accomplish my dreams without fear, accepting the unrestrained and unlimited support of my partner. I will fret less about how and if, and push ahead with cans and wills.

Yeah, those sound a bit like resolutions, but that would be too cliche.

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